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Mobile App Connects Nurses and Caregivers To Patients

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Resource: Manila Standard Business

After a successful launch among nursing home facilities in New York City in 2017, SLF Management Systems Inc., together with Advanced World Solutions Inc., launched its first mobile app in the Philippines, BackApp—an around-the-clock staffing solution that connects healthcare facilities and professionals, home-based patients, and staffing agencies that need top-notch nurses and caregivers. 

BackApp comes in three types. These include Long-Term Care, a staffing solution used by affiliated staffing agencies; Acute Care, a staffing solution for hospital-based nurse managers who are looking for last-minute staff replacements; and Homecare, an easy access to private nurses and caregivers for home-based patients.

The all-mobile service does not only provide a hassle-free access to nurses and caregivers at the comfort of home or healthcare establishment, but it also promotes job opportunities and further develops the healthcare standards in the country. 

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