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BackApp is a 24/7 Staffing Solution for Healthcare Institutions which provide a reliable and easy access to healthcare professionals such as nurses and caregivers in various settings in the community using innovative technology.

Established in 2017 and made its first launching for Long Term Care community on October 2017 in Manhattan, New York. It is a mobile application developed for RN Express Staffing Registry, LLC to simplify the fulfillment process of staffing needs using innovative method.

This App streamlines the fulfillment process of staffing needs by sending requests in just a click and receives confirmations in minutes.

➤ Provides 1-2 hours of training to all users

➤ Provides 24/7 technical support


  1. Urgent Need Request

    ➤ This is a need of staff for an upcoming shift.

    ➤ This can be used to fill in a need before the 2-hour window and within the 2-hour window.

    ➤ All registered staff will be notified once the facility request a need for coverage.

    Advantages of the Urgent Need Request:

    ➤ Saves time to call each employee.

    ➤ Eliminates overtime

2. New Staff Request

➤ This is used to request for a new staff for a full-time position or per diem position.

➤ The facility can send a request to the agency to fill in a vacant position or add an additional staff using the App.

➤ The facility can add the interview date and the orientation date when requesting for a new staff. In this case, the Agency’s recruitment process will be based on the interview and orientation date given by the facility.


For Institution

➤ Get 24-HOUR staffing solution
➤ Save time for calling each employee
➤ Eliminate overtime
➤ Quality healthcare professionals

For Nurses & Caregivers

➤ On-the-job training
➤ Get additional and better compensation
➤ Flexible schedule
➤ Work in a different environment

For Homecare

➤ Reliable and safe healthcare services
➤ Delivery of the finest healthcare service in the comfort of your home
➤ Coordination of care with your healthcare services
➤ Limit costly hospital admission through monitoring and ongoing client and family health teaching

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